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WD Lab Grown Diamonds leverages our patented crystal growth technologies to create technical, to-specification laboratory grown diamonds for cutting-edge industrial, commercial and scientific applications. We are proud to lead the way through our commitment to innovation and ongoing research and development.


Our customizable laboratory grown diamond wafers can be tailored to fit your needs, with edge lengths up to 12 mm and a variety of available surface orientations and preparations.

  • STANDARD GRADE: Slightly tinted diamond wafers, ideal for mechanical diamond applications, including cutting and grinding tools.

  • OPTICAL GRADE: Cost-effective transparent diamond wafers tailored for optical windows and lenses in the IR and visible range.

  • DEVICE GRADE: Wafers made of our highest-quality material for critical device and optical applications, featuring controlled electronic properties, and higher transparency with lower fluorescence.

  • MAGNETIC GRADE: These wafers feature an Ultra-Low Fluorescence (ULF), making them an ideal template for nitrogen vacancy / spin applications. 


We collaborate with experts in the high pressure field to provide highly specialized diamond anvils at competitive  prices, including repair services upon request. All laboratory grown and polished diamond anvils are Type IIa, cylindrical, laser-cut CVD diamonds with precision-polished culets and bevels.

  • OPTICAL GRADE: Suitable for IR, X-ray, ruby fluorescence and some Raman applications. Nitrogen level is < 0.5 ppm.

  • ULTRA-LOW FLUORESCENCE: ULF, suitable for high performance Raman spectroscopy. For example, produced strong hydrogen vibron at 1.5 Mbar with 672 nm excitation. 

  • LARGE ANVILS: Suitable for Neutron and X-ray applications (slightly brownish but allowing for ruby measurements). Nitrogen level ~ 5 ppm (tested 5mm diameter anvils with 1.5mm culets to 50 GPa).

Looking for diamond wafers or high-pressure anvils?

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