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We're ushering in a new era of innovation. Led by world-renowned PhDs, scientists and engineers, the WD Technology and Engineering Teams are committed to harnessing the unique qualities of diamond to power new, disruptive solutions.


Among the most versatile supermaterials on earth, and the hardest known to man, diamonds are uniquely suited to advance technological discovery, owing to their thermal conductivity, chemical stability, and insulator properties. At WD, our research and development is focused on breakthrough diamond applications to solve the problems of today — reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, advancing automation, democratizing clean air and water, and powering quantum technologies.


Today, we are proud to offer sustainability rated, leading-edge laboratory grown diamond products for use in high-impact research, industrial and commercial applications. Looking ahead — a bright future awaits in Advanced Materials, and our work has just begun.




Diamond wafers are highly customizable according to application, with a range of edge lengths and a variety of surface orientations and preparations.

01_ Nitrogen Vacancy
​Highly polished, isotropically pure wafers offering minimal or tailored nitrogen incorporation, for use in research and envisioned Quantum 2.0 technologies

02_ Conductive

Boron-doped, rough-cut to semi-polished wafers for use in nano-indentors, deep-UV LEDs and other semi-conductor devices, among other conductive diamond applications

03_ Intrinsic

Ultra-pure, undoped diamond material in rough cut or semi-polished form for use in sensitive thermal substrate and optical applications, including synchrotrons

04_ Optical Grade
Semi- to- fully-polished wafers of low-defect material, for use in a variety of applicati
ons including high-power electronics

Contact us to learn more about our innovative Advanced Materials solutions.



Our diamond material offers exceptional advantages across a wide spectrum of applications due to its material hardness and manufacturing precision.

01_ Standard Grade

​Semi- to fully-polished diamond blanks ideal for the cutting and forming of materials

02_ Device Grade

Interface-free blanks used in high-precision mechanical tooling, such as water jet orifices and wire drawing dies

Contact us for free to learn more about our offerings. 



We provide the highest quality polished diamond anvils for use in high-pressure scientific experiments – all anvils are Type IIA, laser-cut CVD diamonds with precision-polished culets and bevels. Repair services are also available upon request.

01_ Optical Grade

​High-pressure anvils suitable for IR, X-ray, ruby fluorescence and some Raman applications, with a nitrogen level of <0.5 ppm

02_ Multi-Carat

Large, high-pressure anvils for Neutron and X-ray applications, with a nitrogen level ~5 ppm

03_ Ultra-Low Fluorescence

ULF anvils suitable for high performance Raman spectroscopy

04_ Speciality

​High-pressure anvil repair services and Diamond Anvil Cell devices available upon request

Contact us to learn more about our efficient, high-quality diamond anvils.

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